Production Development

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Jewelry production is one of the challenges for every designer, you may have wonderful ideas but are unsure how to actualize your creations. Most people don't have 20 plus years of bench training to handcraft beautiful unique designs. Now, anything your heart would like to design can be made by IJEWL's top manufacturers and crafters.

In this 8 session course, Kristin Hanson will walk you through the techniques of drawing jewelry in preparation for production. Learn what all the structural details needed to craft jewelry are and how to draft them on your paper for production. We will tap into the technology of CAD design, how to plan for your designs with measurements and exact detail.

Learn about gemstones and diamonds, how to prepare your work for growth and business opportunities. This is an 8 session course that meets with Kristin Hanson once a week, you will have 10 weeks to complete this course. Please see details for all IJEWL programs in the school guidelines. (LINK)