Discover Your Direction

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In this 4 session Discover Your Direction course, you will gain the knowledge of just how far you want to take your passion. Kristin Hanson will walk you through the steps of visualization, a magnetic tool that can help you pull out your inner creativity and understand jewelry as more than a pretty adornment.

We will discover the structure of jewelry and its intricate detail. A single piece can take many professionals to produce, learn what the steps are to making your designs into reality and how to communicate your sketches in a technical way.

In this class, there will be a number of fun projects that will help you realize your personal style and find your voice as a designer. Look at the works a little differently and actualize a form that inspires you through your artwork. We will create a comprehensive workbook of drawings, photos, and digital images that express your new body of work.

Discover Your Direction meets in 4 one on one consulting sessions with Kristin Hanson. You will have 6 weeks to complete these weekly sessions. Please see details for all IJEWL programs in the school guidelines.