Build Your Brand

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This comprehensive Build Your Brand, jewelry design course is structured to bring out the best of your entrepreneurial aspirations. Kristin Hanson will walk you through the step-by-step process of designing your next jewelry collection. One of the strongest aspects of this program is to help you realize your full potential and execute a simple and effective business plan for your brand.

Being a designer in a saturated marketplace means you have to be different and shine your light in a unique way that tells a story. Kristin instructs ways to think about your collection in a way that prepares you for production and evaluated for growth. Thinking about a collection as a whole and designing with intention.

After we solidify your personal style and story about your designs, we begin the production of your jewelry. IJEWL works closely with a number of top jewelry manufacturers both in the US and overseas. We also provide full access to NYC's diamond district by sourcing stones and diamonds, as well as provide any additional services needed to produce your jewelry.

Some of the other important discussions we will have in our sessions are pricing strategy, finding clients, brand identity, website and social media, production insights, lookbooks, and marketing plans.

Build Your Brand course is for students of all levels. This is a one on one consultation with Kristin Hanson that meets once a week. You will have 15 weeks to complete this 12 session course. Please see details for all IJEWL programs in the school guidelines.