School guidelines

IJEWL is a jewelry school program designed to help designers of all levels to take their creations to the next level. The guidelines presented are added to protect our students and instructors and put forth some simple rules and regulations in our program. 


  • Course deadlines - We know you're busy, one-on-one consultation courses will be given an extra couple of weeks to complete. Your class will start on your first session, the next session must be scheduled before the previous class is over. Each session is one hour long. Please see course descriptions for details. 


  • Homework - Make it fun, your homework is one of the most important parts of the IJEWL courses. We expect you will pursue your passion with constant inspiration. Your drawings and research in between the session will help you succeed faster and with more precision. We appreciate your homework being done on time and have fun doing it. 


Return policy - We are dedicated to our students and offer an opportunity that will actualize upon completion. Courses are non-refundable, there are no returns for manufactured jewelry, materials, stones, or any other purchase through IJEWL or Kristin Hanson Jewelry Inc. We are dedicated to your success will be happy to exchange or repair any issues on an individual basis.